Why are APDM Wearable IMUs Better Than Other Products For Monitoring Human Motion?

APDM produces three models of wearable inertial measurement units (IMUs): Sapphires, Emeralds, and Opals. All three models contain a full kinematic sensor suite in the same small, unobtrusive wearable package. Sapphires are our lowest cost model. Emeralds include all of the same features, but additionally provide wireless clock synchronization for applications with more than one IMU per subject. Opals includes this feature and also enables wireless streaming of data for nearly real-time display and processing.

Never loses data. When the Opal is in wireless streaming mode, data is also stored locally in our 8 GB memory until it can be wirelessly uploaded. That means even if the user gets out of range for extended periods of time, the data is still there.

Long battery life. Our movement monitors are capable of streaming data for over 8 hours on a single charge and logging data for over 16 hours. The system does not require any kind of master unit and each unit contains a rechargeable battery, so the battery life does not decrease as additional IMUs are added.

Full kinematic sensor suite for better data, and better results.All three models include tri-axial accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers to capture even the most subtle movement. This is sometimes called 6DOF (six degrees of freedom).

Wireless synchronization with no master. If your subject wears multiple movement monitors simultaneously, Emeralds and Opals will wirelessly synchronize the sample times, all without wires. And because the synchronized movement monitors do not require a master unit, they can function independently.

Faster set up time. Because our devices do not require interconnecting wires, you spend much less time setting up and applying the IMUs, which provides more time to collect data. You simply strap on the IMUs, and you're ready to record.

Unobtrusive and subtle. Our movement monitors are carefully designed to be comfortable, stylish, and subtle, so that they do not distract subjects or draw unwanted attention in studies during normal daily activities. There are no wires, bright colors, or master units that have to be worn on the belt or in a backpack. Our IMUs are the smallest, lightest monitors on the market. The small profile means the subject will wear it and forget it, and others won't notice it.

Easy enough for subject to use unaided. Give a movement monitor to subjects who simply wear it throughout the day at almost any location. The IMU starts recording when it is removed from the docking station and stops recording and starts recharging the battery when it is placed back in the docking station. The stored data can be downloaded by the researcher at any time. The IMUs have sufficient memory for 28 days of recording!

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