Sensitive, Valid, and Reliable Outcome Measures

With hundreds of institutions using this system worldwide, Mobility Lab™ is the most trusted sensor-based gait and balance system on the market.

Mobility Lab™ makes it easy for you to collect, analyze, and store outcome measures. Simply strap sensors on to your subject, instruct them to preform a standardized test, and when they are finished a report is automatically generated to compare against normative values. Beginning to end takes less than 5 minutes.

The Mobility Lab™ Advantage

Portable. Set up in any location with our lightweight, wireless system.

Reliable. Numerous clinical studies have proven high test-retest reliability.

Sensitive. Treat conditions early - accurately measure minimally detectable changes.

Valid. Gait and balance algorithms validated against video motion capture and force plate systems.

Normative Data. Compare your subject's results against a database of normative values.

Multi-Site Studies. Our Mobility Exchange server allows multiple users to share and compare data.

Variable Configurations


 1 Sensor

 3 Sensors

 5 Sensors

 6 Sensors

 Postural Sway

 Lower Limb Gait

 Postural Transitions

 Upper Limb Gait

 Trunk Measures

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