APDM was founded in November of 2007 in Portland, Oregon. It began when Dr. James McNames began searching for a wearable, unobtrusive movement monitor capable of logging high bandwidth data from people with Parkinson’s disease for weeks at a time. No such device existed.

APDM was created with co-founders Dr. Mateo Aboy and Andrew Greenberg to meet this need and provide this technology to other researchers. The company name, APDM, was chosen based on this initial inspiration and application. It is an abbreviation for Ambulatory Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring. APDM has since broadened its base of core technologies to include a complete Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) called Mobility Exchange. The Exchange facilitates the capture, transfer, secure storage, management, and monitoring of human movement data and is especially well suited to clinical studies and clinical trials.

APDM continues to deepen its roots in Portland, Oregon. It collaborates closely with scientists, faculty, and clinicians at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Portland State University (PSU), and Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT).