About APDM, Inc.

Our mission is to develop the highest quality and fully featured technologies for monitoring human movement with wearable sensors. Our vision is to provide complete solutions for assessment and monitoring of people with movement disorders that will optimize therapy, accelerate clinical trials, and improve quality of life.

As a first step in this mission, we created  the world’s most advanced movement monitors. These range from our premier Opals to our low-cost Sapphires. All of our movement monitors have a full kinematic sensor suite including low-noise triaxial accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers.

We have also created Mobility Exchange, a complete Clinical Data Management System. The Exchange is a complete solution for data  storage, management, and monitoring.

We have other technologies  under development to support research and clinical trials in human movement. These technologies are on the forefront of human movement monitoring.

APDM is comprised of a world-class team of experts in embedded systems, signal processing, physical therapy, and web-based data management for clinical studies and trials. We are available to customize these technologies to provide a complete solution to meet your needs.