The most affordable of APDM’s inertial monitors, Sapphires are designed for applications that require durability for long-term recordings during normal daily activities. Learn More >>

have all of the same features and monitors as Sapphires plus wireless synchronization between multiple devices. Learn more >>

are the most fully featured inertial monitor and can be used for either continuous monitoring of synchronized devices or in applications that require real-time data streaming to a computer. Learn more >>


APDM Movement Monitors

There are many inertial measurement units (IMUs) for human movement research on the market, but none are as advanced as ours. APDM wireless inertial measurement units provide a complete feature set in a small, unobtrusive package.

Our wearable movement monitors are about the size of a watch. They use the latest solid state MEMS technology to precisely record movement with a complete kinematic sensors suite that include triaxial accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. APDM's sensors are the longest lasting in the industry, holding a charge over 16 hours while continuously logging at 128Hz.

In the medical field, these IMUs are ideal for monitoring human movement for clinical research, biomechanical research, physical therapy research, movement disorders research, and athletic tuning. In the industrial or other fields, the movement monitors are a valuable diagnostic and research tool for industrial vibration or movement monitoring, inertial guidance, virtual reality, or any application where precise monitoring of subtle movement is required.


Movement Monitor comparison

We provide three different movement monitors. The primary features of these devices are summarized in the table below.


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